Thursday, October 11, 2012

a year without facebook

It's been over 13 months since I closed my Facebook account and I just want to write some thoughts about it. I must admit that I went back to it for very short periods of time, usually less than an hour. Sometimes I was looking for an email address or a birth date that I could not remember. Sometimes just to see what was going on with friends. All in all though, I was very disciplined on closing it and keeping it closed.

The reason: my boss at Nationwide disliked when employees would be on Facebook during work hours (a fair request in my opinion). I had noticed that I was using Facebook more than usual at that point, so I decided to stay away from the site for one month. I marked my calendar "OK to open Facebook" a month from that day and that's how it all started. The first two weeks are the most difficult. Every time you open your browser, you automatically click on the Facebook bookmark. Every time you check your email, you are temped to see if someone wrote in your wall. It's a very strong habit (addiction?). In fact, did you know that Gen-Y[ers] would rather get paid less than losing the privilege of using social media at work? Intense stuff. Check the full article if you have a few minutes.

But anyway, here is a list of the things I'm going to miss about not having Facebook:

- Not have to worry about how I am going to sound to other people:
Am I being funny with this comment? Will people get what I am trying to say? Hmm, I think I'm being rude. Erase and re-write.

- Not knowing some things about people:
Juanito Smith
"Excited about having ice-cream with my friendsys!"

Debby Johns
"Breakfast at 8, then classes until 12, lunch, yoga class at 4, shower, dinner at 6, and..."
Thanks for letting us know.

- Not having to read political fights:
Josh: I am seriously in-loved with Obama.
Ronnie: Hmm, he is literally burning this country to the ground.
Josh: Bush started it all.
Ronnie: Go back to California, bro.

- Or sports fights:
Nick: Big win for my Cubs against the Cards tonight.
Louis: Yeah, for sure dude. When was the last time they won the world series again?
Nick: It doesn't matter. We have the best [something] percentage this year. We're going to dominate.
Randy: Baseball sucks.

Ah, but it's good to be back at the same time. I already noticed so many engagements that I didn't know about. Sorry for the late congratulation. Thanks for reading!

Oh, and: What do you hate the most about Facebook? Would you allow your employees to use Facebook at work?

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